Naturally Hilarious was created by Demetria Hockaday & La’Shera Powell. Both have known each other since Martin middle school. Not only that they attended the Raleigh girls and boys club & Enloe high school, they both rekindled their own friendship meeting back up in a biology class at Winston Salem state university. Both are Communications majors and decided to come up with a radio show. Naturally Hilarious speaks about real life issues by intertwining laughter as well. There show names are “Mellow” & “CC”. Demetria chose “Mellow” as her show name because that speaks her personality. She is a very chill person. As for La’Shera goes she chose “CC” in honor of her parents passing. She took both of her parent’s first name and got the nickname “CC”. We post shows every other Thursday @ 7pm on Soundcloud.  Naturally Hilarious is here to stay & progress and with listeners like you by there side. Success is the only way.




Demetria A.K.A “Mellow” was born and raised in Raleigh, NC.  Mellow dreams of having her own production company (Dawn Aura Productions), including having a radio show under her belt. Her personality speaks Naturally Hilarious and she wants to connect with those who believe in building a strong platform of spreading good vibes. She embodies the quote:

Spread Your Aura.”



Cee Cee

Lashera A.K.A “CC” was born and raised in Raleigh until she was 15. In honor of her late parents Carol & Clearance Powell; she came up with her radio show name. Lashera has always dreamed of being a radio personal, her personality is a bubbly up-lifting spirit. CC’s favorite quote is:

The depth of you struggle, is the height of your success


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                                  Hear Naturally Hilarious .  

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